• Commercial Security Systems

    commercial security

    I.G.S. Security provides security systems solutions for all kinds of businesses. Whatever your security system requirement is, I.G.S Security is here to give you variety of options to choose from. You may choose any of our security systems like camera surveillance systems, wired or wireless intrusion/ burglar alarms, smoke or CO2 detectors and even flood sensors. We are here to safeguard your business from unforeseen events.

    I.G.S. Security is known for its customer satisfaction. Our products come with various benefits like employee monitoring, POS integration, and remote and live viewing. Whichever security system you choose, our team will install the system for you. All our security equipment comes with a 3-year warranty.

  • Residential Security Systems

    residential security

    At I.G.S Security we not only sell equipment but also help you with the installation. Our team will design and suggest an appropriate security system that will suit both your needs and fall within the budget. The equipment can be brought to use for both as video and invasion device to safeguard your home.

    To help you keep your family and property safe, we propose both wired and wireless security solutions. From our range of devices you can install sensors for door/ window, carbon monoxide detectors, smoke, fire and motion sensors.

    The pros of using our equipment is 24/7 emergency response, no one can meddle with the technology, real-time alerts, and it is an interactive security system. These systems can be easily aligned with PC/Mac or mobile devices enabling it to be controlled and monitored from anywhere.

  • Home Automation Systems


    Unlike most service providers I.G.S Security will not impose existing equipment on you. We customize the equipment as per the need of our customers. At I.G.S we do not believe in one-size fits all; hence we offer smart home mechanization solutions that will make your home automated and smart.

    I.G.S Security keeps up with the latest advancements in technology. Our range of intelligent devices will enable you gain access to your home by accessing lights, doors, thermostats, security system, image sensors, motion sensors, window and door sensors and so on. The uniqueness of our automation systems is that they are scalable and also interactive. Our I.G.S. Security team will conduct a live demo for you so you can try the experience – Try before you buy!

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